45 Minutes

Mobile apps continue to evolve and are driving an experience unique from their website counterparts more so in 2020 than any prior years. No longer a line item with a ‘checkbox’ to complete as part of your offering, mobile apps are a deliberate strategic initiative – a revenue-generating, delivery platform helping retailers keep up with evolving customer expectations while driving measurable improvements in retention, AOV, and customer LTV.

However, it’s more than simply taking your website and ‘putting it in your mobile app’. For your mobile app to be competitive, it’s critical to differentiate and leverage the unique capabilities that native application code unlocks.

Join our retail technology experts, Joe Rose, Senior VP of Delivery, and Matt Carter, Delivery Lead, at JBS Custom Software Solutions, as they discuss how to differentiate your mobile app, the benefits to gain, and the direct impact to your bottom line. They will wrap up the conversation with insight into what our enterprise retail clients are doing to delight their customers within their mobile apps.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Measurable differences with customers using mobile app vs. website (LTV of mobile app customer is significantly higher than a website customer!)
  • What’s unique to the mobile experience
  • Using the app as an extension of the in-store shopping experience
  • Driving traffic and customer engagement with push notifications and other strategies
  • Performance, Streamlining UX and Scaling your mobile app