Generative AI & Machine Learning


Practical Application of GenAI Solutions

We are leading the way in making GenAI technology accessible and affordable. We offer a range of services, from an easily deployable Quick Start GenAI program to a fully customized GenAI strategy designed to align with your specific objectives.

Quick Start Overview:

  • Quick setup with a foundational code for 4 primary use cases:
    • Content creation
    • Summarization
    • Search enhancement
    • Q&A systems
  • Fast ingestion and application of custom data to models
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) deployment in less than 10 hours for certain scenarios

Generative AI Consultation

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Transformative Impact of GenAI & ML

JBS expert team has been leveraging GenAI, AI, and machine learning to revolutionize enterprises with compelling use cases:

Cost-Efficiency in Customer Acquisition

Our clients benefited from substantial reductions in customer acquisition costs while boosting customer retention rates.

Intelligent Product Search

We elevated the online shopping experience with AI-driven product recommendations, tailored to user behavior and preferences.

Trend Prediction & Demand Sensing

We helped our customers stay ahead with predictive analytics that foresees market trends and consumer demands, enabling proactive and strategic business adjustments.

Revolutionized Marketing

Our GenAI solution significantly streamlined the creation of personalized marketing campaigns for a wine retailer, reducing time and expenses.

Productivity Reimagined

Our team expertly integrated GenAI APIs into enterprise applications for the nation’s largest retailer of used cars, enhancing customer support efficiency with AI-powered tools capable of swift, personalized responses to customer queries.


Our GenAI summarization tool dramatically cut down the manual labor hours our clients spent on document reviews, enhancing efficiency and providing cost savings.

Q/A Systems

JBS Dev's own GenAI-powered chatbot has boosted productivity, enabling our sales team to quickly access relevant project information, thus speeding up response times and decision-making processes.

GenAI Demo

JBS Dev Generative AI Assessment

What Can AI Do for Your Business?

Discover the potential of AI for your company with JBS Dev. Benefit from a tailored Proof-of-Concept demo, feasibility analysis, projected outcomes overview, and an implementation roadmap designed by JBS Dev AI experts. Our AI solutions are not just about technology but about aligning with and propelling your business goals.

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At JBS Dev, we deliver partnerships built on trust, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our expert team of developers is committed to understanding your business intricacies, offering tailored solutions that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive your business forward.