Air Date:
June 9th, 2022
60 Minutes


Philip Horwitz
Philip Horwitz
Andrew Hampton, PhD
Andrew Hampton, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology at Christian Brothers University, and Chair of the IEEE Standards Association Working Group for Adaptive Instruction

Experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Educational Technology, Psycholinguistics, Research Design, Leadership, and Classroom Instruction. Strong research training with an M.S. and Ph.D. focused on Human Factors Psychology from Wright State University, and a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship under Prof. Art Graesser at the University of Memphis.

Russ LeWinter
Russ LeWinter
Head of EdTech/GovTech Ideation at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Russ leads the EdTech Ideation Practice for AWS XTech (EdTech & GovTech) customers in WWPS. Having 17 years of experience in EdTech, he helps XTech customers think through the art of the possible around new products or features leveraging the depth and breadth of AWS Services. Russ brings with him deep product development and technical expertise around data and learning analytics from his long tenure with Pearson.

EdTech Maryland Meetup Virtual Event

Two years ago, the sudden move to virtual learning only gave the flood of data more momentum. As a result, today’s EdTech organizations must be secure and data-driven to be competitive and effective. Ultimately data is key to unlocking edtech solutions.

While data provides many benefits to digital learning, such as tracking student progress, improving student engagement, and delivering personalized experiences, it also has its challenges. How should data be captured, stored, secured, managed, and leveraged? The incredible volume of data is too complex for traditional tools, and the benefits of big data lie in how you use it – not how much you have.

This panel discussion offers insights from education technology experts in academia, technical development, and software on ways EdTech organizations can effectively harness big data and use it to drive user experience, engagement, and growth.

Specifically, the panel will discuss:

  • Managing the new data conundrum
  • Student data privacy issues and responsibilities
  • Advanced technologies to glean insights from data
  • Impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence on digital education
  • Real case studies on data solutions for two large EdTech organizations