Air Date:
June 15th, 2021
90 Minutes


Philip Horwitz
Philip Horwitz
Erika Finchen
Erika Finchen
The College Board - Senior Director Digital Products Spring Board Digital & Pre-AP Classroom

Erika is a seasoned educational product lead with a proven track record of delivering high-adoption, EdTech products to market. She currently leads digital product strategy and development for College Board's SpringBoard and Pre-AP programs, which support digital instruction for students and teachers in middle school and high school. She brings experience leading platform and app development for grades K-12 at Houghton Mifflin, McGraw-Hill, and Lexia Reading. Before pursuing a career in EdTech, Erika taught for six years in a variety of public, private, and charter school settings in San Diego and Massachusetts. Erika holds her Master of Arts in Teaching from Simmons College in Boston.

Andrew Hampton, PhD
Andrew Hampton, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology at Christian Brothers University, and Chair of the IEEE Standards Association Working Group for Adaptive Instruction

Experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Educational Technology, Psycholinguistics, Research Design, Leadership, and Classroom Instruction. Strong research training with an M.S. and Ph.D. focused on Human Factors Psychology from Wright State University, and a Post Doctoral Research Fellowship under Prof. Art Graesser at the University of Memphis.

EdTech Maryland Meetup

Since the frenzied, haphazard transition to virtual-only education, the educational community has been barraged by technological techniques, platforms, and services.

What did we learn from this transition and how do we make the in-person classroom learning experience better than the one we left in March 2020? How do we guard against learning loss in an environment that wants some availability of distance learning?

In this panel discussion, we offer insights from educational technology experts in academia, product management, and technical development to investigate the challenges and opportunities in this critical moment for our educational ecosystem.

Panel Discussion Topics:

The panelists will discuss how a coordinated evaluation and planning effort needs to leverage digital learning into a cohesive strategy if we are to return to a richer in-person classroom experience. This involves three primary challenges.

  • First, evaluate how well these tools leverage the insight and ability of human instructors while reducing extraneous workload.
  • Second, address how to implement the chosen set, including administrative buy-in, deployment, and teacher training.
  • Third, a long-term evaluation method to guide continual refinement and potential expansion of enhanced/extended classrooms.

Together, these measures will build toward an education system that empowers teachers to act as insightful professional educators rather than content delivery machines, and simultaneously builds flexibility that guards against dramatic learning loss in an environment that wants some availability of distance learning.