If you're coming from a Monolithic architecture, Microservices can offer some much needed flexibility and scalability for growing businesses.

The Good, The Bad, And The Better

What you will find inside!

We are sold on microservices and the benefits they promise — not to mention innovative ways of using them to deliver tangible business value faster.

Microservices speed the efficiency of software development, delivery, and maintenance. This is especially true where lots of custom, legacy, or third-party applications are involved—the reality in which most larger enterprises find themselves.

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This whitepaper examines:

  • Why Microservices Over a Monolithic Approach to Digital Transformation?
  • The Good: The Core Advantages of a Microservices Approach
  • The Road from Waterfall Monolith to Agile Microservices
  • The Bad: Microservices Don’t Cure Every Software Ill
  • The Better: “Decomposing” a Monolith using Microservices as a Wrapper
  • A Real-World Example: Using Microservices as a Wrapper for Retail Curbside Pickup
  • A Hybrid Microservice-Monolith Approach Makes Sense for Today’s Organizations