Technology Assessment

See How JBS Dev Can Help You ​With Your Unique Technology Needs.

A complimentary technology assessment presents an opportunity for you to gain critical insights into the current state of your systems, highlighting potential gaps and vulnerabilities that may be hindering your progress. This risk-free evaluation is not just about identifying issues; it's a proactive step towards aligning your technology with your overarching business goals and needs.

By offering this service, we aim to establish a foundation of trust and credibility with you. Our expert team will conduct a thorough analysis, pinpointing areas where your applications could benefit from further development, as well as identifying resources that you might be underutilizing. This assessment is a pivotal step towards optimizing your technological infrastructure, ensuring it supports and enhances your business objectives.

Step 1: Our team collaborates with you to ensure focus is on your business need or challenge.

Step 2: Our technical experts will assess applications, infrastructure, and processes to include:

  • Recommendations for off-the-shelf vs. extend current vs. custom solution.
  • Cloud configuration.
  • Security or compliance audits.
  • Data and integration issues.

Step 3: You receive a document outlining all findings and recommendations.

Ready to transform your systems?