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Collaborate with our education technology experts about your project and see what it will take to get it out the door.

A Quick Launch Lab Workshop

Quantifying New EdTech Initiatives

As an EdTech organization, you need to constantly innovate to be able to deliver next-generation experiences. At the same time, you can be faced with uncertainty around quantifying what it will take to build and implement these initiatives. You may be struggling to determine the level of effort, architecture, business and investment requirements, and timeline to develop and launch new digital initiatives. These initiatives could be a project to gain better insight into your data or critical goals such as platform modernization, rearchitecting or new cloud-based custom apps to meet new customer demands or deliver personalized user experiences.

In this complimentary Half-Day Discovery Session, our education technology experts will work closely with you and your stakeholders to determine what it will take to build and launch new ideas and projects.

In five (5) business days, you will receive a deliverable to include:

  1. Recommended Architecture
  2. High-Level Requirements
  3. Magnitude of Effort and Approximate Cost
  4. Approximate Timeline for Implementation and Delivery

This Half-Day discovery session is a complimentary offer for EdTech organizations and there is no obligation to take advantage of it.

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