Digital Transformation Assessment

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses. Find out if your company is ready for large scale, IT integrations or digital transformation change companywide.

Are you Maximizing Your Competitive Edge?

Change is inescapable.  As industries, markets, and the workforce all continue to change at unprecedented rates, so does the speed of new digital technologies advances.  Yet without a clear digital adoption strategy the implementation of new technologies can potentially cause more problems than they solve.  It’s imperative that these digital technologies are set by professionals who understand not only the company challenges, but the industry challenges, the technology challenges and the learning curves for employees not wanting to embrace the change.

Few aspects of the modern business environment present more challenges than the adoption of technology. These include:

  • Lack of clear or integrated technology goals
  • Steep learning curves for IT personnel and technology end-users
  • The high cost of hardware, software, security, and training
  • Lengthy implementation processes that delay critical learning
  • Selecting the wrong technology for the problem
  • Poor integration between technologies that need to work together
  • Keeping pace with obsolescent and emerging technologies
  • Insufficient support from technology vendors
  • Lack of post-go-live support

Solutions for digital transformation are used by large businesses to improve operational effectiveness and consumer experiences. To develop a data-driven strategy, they must integrate, categorize, and evaluate a vast amount of data from many operations. It’s not enough to simply add new technology to create modular business pieces. The changes must be strategic, and they must be scaled across the organization.

When adoption of new technology goes well, it can deliver considerable cost reductions, enhanced productivity, a more engaged workforce, greater business outcomes, and a healthy return on investment for your technology spend.  JBS Dev has a deep understanding and proven approaches to maximize adoption rates and leverage custom solutions to deliver critical business outcomes to thrive in today’s market.

Managing resistance and driving change with a preventative, proactive and responsive approach can be challenging. Is your company ready for a large-scale IT integration or digital transformation change companywide?

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