Curbside Pickup Kickstarter Package

Get a custom curbside pickup solution for your retail business in six weeks with our Curbside Pickup Kickstarter Package.

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Get a custom curbside pickup solution for your retail business in six weeks with our Curbside Pickup Kickstarter Package. To keep up with customer demand and to enable a frictionless shopping experience, retailers need to have a seamless curbside pickup solution. We can help. The retail technology experts at JBS can develop a custom curbside pickup solution that meets your business’s specific challenges and goals. We have a proven software development process. You’ll know what you’re getting, when you’re getting it, and exactly how it will work.

How Our Curbside Pickup Solution Works:

  1. The customer places an online order on the retailer’s website or mobile app and selects the option for curbside pickup at a specific retailer’s store location.
  2. Once the customer places an order, an email is sent notifying the customer the order was received and that the order is being processed. If placing the order through the mobile app, the integrated curbside service SDK is triggered which begins monitoring GPS position of the device – prompting for any permissions needed.
  3. When the order is ready, the customer receives an email from the retailer notifying them the item(s) is ready for pickup.
  4. Upon arrival, the customer calls the store or clicks a link in the store’s email. The employee brings out the item(s). If the customer has the retailer’s app, geofencing will automatically notify the store when the customer arrives.
  5. After the customer has picked up the item(s), the customer receives an email from the retailer that they have picked up the item(s) with a receipt and details of the purchase.

Technical Details Involved:

  1. Integration of 3rd party curbside service SDK into native mobile Android/iOS app code, including triggering curbside orders on checkout and requesting vehicle information.
  2. Work with internal development/business teams to implement a dynamic UI element/modal in native app(s) to show current curbside status/arrival CTAs.
  3. Coordination of internal business teams for location data mapping and per-location geofence painting guidelines.
  4. Development and deployment of a “webhook” service API that can handle curbside service SDK ETA updates from customer devices and proxy them to internal systems as needed. Webhook service would be hosted via an AWS serverless stack (API Gateway, Lambda) to scale appropriately with incoming ETA and arrival event data.
  5. Modification of in-store pickup order application to include curbside data: vehicle information, ETA/arrival status.
  6. All communication between mobile clients, websites, and internal systems into/within/and outside of AWS secured via SSL.
  7. Any information stored in AWS-deployed resources (including RDS or ElastiCache) to have encryption enabled in-transit and at-rest, as applicable.

Time Estimation:

  1. Estimated 1,000 man hours total (four full-time resources for six weeks, plus an extra 40 hours for project management, oversight, etc.)
    • Two full-time app developers
    • Two full-time API developers
  1. Assume four developers based on need, e.g., the in-store app might be a mobile app and not a web app, so this situation would translate to three UI developers and one API developer, etc.

Project Assumptions:

  1. Existing app with checkout API integration already functional
  2. In-store app to manage pickup orders is currently in place; only modifications to support curbside-specific information needed
  3. In-store inventory is taken into account with pickup orders

Available Add-Ons:

  1. In-store Pager system integration
  2. Map view of arriving/nearby/parked customers
  3. Additional UI development to support entering “parked” metadata in app, and including that in the in-store app – e.g., parking lot location/space number
  4. If no store pickup business process or app is currently in place, additional development will be needed to create a basic pickup order management app for use by employees to manage preparing, picking, and updating the status of pickup orders.
  5. Other capabilities as requested

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