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The expertise and experience to transform complex big data into powerful knowledge


No matter where your data resides or the sheer volume to transform, our staff of senior engineers and architects have mastered architecting elegant solutions to address the most complex big data business challenges. As a MicroStrategy partner, our extensive experience and expertise span the entire data flow spectrum, from front-end data intake applications to data transformation and cleansing, to optimization for aggregation and analysis.

This end-to-end experience allows us to transform complex, unstructured data into meaningful visualizations that provide valuable insights to drive critical business decisions. We will root out, highlight, and address data security, integrity, and performance issues before they disrupt analysis. 

Our Big Data Services

While clients often have systems in place to generate and capture large amounts of data, they do not always have the software, tools, and expertise to view and interpret the data. Our team will help you get maximum return on your business intelligence.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Data Connectivity
  • Data Discovery
  • Personalized and Collaborative Dashboards
  • End-User Experience/UI Design
  • Customer Facing Applications

Our Big Data Capabilities

Our senior team of engineers and architects deliver end-to-end solutions to support your business-critical decisions to drive innovation and growth.

  • BI Strategy and Planning
  • Datawarehouse Design and Modeling
  • BI Application Development
  • Mobile BI Development
  • Dashboard and Visualizations
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Integration
  • Real-Time Data Streaming

We offer custom accelerators that enrich the user experience and integrate with third-party applications.

  • Portal Integrations
  • Custom Filters

We work with clients in a variety of industries including retail, education, non-profit, startups, financial services, and healthcare. We are proud to be an AWS Advanced Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and of course, a MicroStrategy Partner.

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