JBS & The Power of Microsoft

Digitally transform your enterprise by driving innovation and scalability to every solution

Our Microsoft Partnership

For more than a decade, JBS has built a strong relationship with Microsoft. Our relationship with and access to Microsoft solution engineers, architects, and other Microsoft technical personnel allow us to deliver leading-edge, modern, scalable solutions to our clients.

Being a Microsoft partner allows us to gain early access to new Microsoft services. By the time these new services and features are rolled out to the public, our team has already gained deep experience and best practices. In addition, we have access to Microsoft partnership funding efforts for MVP, proof-of-concept, and other project work, and whenever possible, we tap these funds to reduce our clients’ costs.

Microsoft Practice at a Glance

Microsoft Partner
  • We only hire senior, highly experienced software engineers, who have a track record of developing and delivering successful software solutions that drive our clients’ vision and company growth.
  • Our engineers have extensive experience building and architecting Microsoft cloud-based solutions. Some of our most senior engineers have more than 15 years of building Microsoft cloud solutions. The cloud is our native language.
  • We have delivered hundreds of innovative solutions that enable enterprise-level businesses, education, non-profits, healthcare, financial services, multibillion-dollar retailers and start-ups to deliver on their vision, with Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Capabilities

Cloud Migration

Experience the power, efficiencies and cost-saving of moving to the cloud. We have deep expertise migrating on-prem assets (infrastructure, applications, data, etc.) into the cloud. We have experience with everything from basic, lift-and-shift migrations to enterprise-wide full cloud native digital transformations.

App Development

Ready to build your ground-breaking idea? Our seasoned senior technical engineers will take your idea to the next level. We’ve been building cloud-based software applications solutions for two decades. This experience has led us to become experts in custom cloud-native based solution development


Accelerate your projects with JBS’s DevOps expertise for continuous delivery of value to your customers. We support zero downtime deployments, deployments with code health and coverage metrics, continuous integration and automated testing and open and collaborative tracking of work. JBS has mastered DevOps.

Data Platform

JBS provides the full gamut of services ranging from robust data architecture to management and maintenance solutions. Our years of experience with data warehousing, streaming architectures and reporting, real-time reporting and mobile device-friendly reporting, provide our clients with instant visibility to make decisions. We have extensive experience with advanced data analytics leveraging machine learning.


Reap the benefits of powerful, scalable cloud solutions to spin up new projects quickly. Our engineers have years of in-depth experience building hundreds of solutions on Microsoft Azure including building complex hybrid solutions integrating on-premise assets with cloud solutions and supporting multi-platform cloud solutions leveraging various providers.

Data Analytics and Power BI

We work with enterprises to help them leverage extensive amounts of data. We extract existing data, transform it into a format that allows for rich analysis, and load that data into a performant data warehouse. JBS’s extensive experience and expertise using Microsoft Power BI and SQL technologies helps clients make better use of their data for smarter and faster decision-making.