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Engaged Leadership & Senior Level Project Teams

100% Senior Level Teams

Our team of experts comprise exclusively of senior level talent, working remotely. Our responsiveness and availability online make it seem as if we are in the room next door. We pride ourselves on being able to work remotely without sacrificing the quality of communication or diminishing a team atmosphere. The best talent is not always located in your hometown, and in order to hire the “best and brightest” we need to look all over the country and near shore.

All of our employees are experienced, field tested, and must pass a rigorous interview process. Our interview process includes a strict multi-stage screening including peer technical reviews, an advanced technical review, and background checks. Each candidate must include detailed references and be agreed on by several of our senior staff in order to get approval. Our goal is simple – hire proven, experienced staff, give them great projects to work on and hold them accountable to deliver.

We compose our staff into project teams that fit specific project and code requirements and set them free to do great work, with specific guidelines and timetables in mind. The combined freedom of self-accountability and flexible work schedule, tied to cutting edge development and design expertise, allows us to attract the very best in the business.