Understanding healthcare rules and regulations to help companies keep PII, PHI and PCI secure and in compliance with HIPAA

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The Stakes Are High

Healthcare organizations have long had to contend with privacy regulations, but maintaining compliance hasn’t gotten any easier over the years. Data privacy isn’t the only technology challenge they face, however. Patients want better access to their data. Employees need digitally enabled tools to work more efficiently and improve patient satisfaction.

The stakes are high. A data breach can cost you legally and financially, not to mention the damage to your reputation. Dissatisfied patients can take their business to competitors who better understand their needs. And competing for in-demand healthcare workers requires that you equip staff members with the latest technology to make their jobs easier.

Digital transformation is the key to meeting these and other objectives, but implementing complex solutions can be unwieldy—especially if you don’t have an army of IT, security, and software development experts on staff

Failure to innovate can mean failure to comply. But balancing innovation with data security is challenging.

Keeping patient data safe and maintaining compliance with every new regulation that comes along can be a full-time job. Even if you have privacy and IT experts on staff, keeping abreast of it is an uphill battle.

  • Protected health information (PHI) isn't the only data you have to worry about. You need a holistic solution to secure personally identifiable information and payment data.
  • Virtual interactions and patient portals increase opportunities for hackers to access protected information.
  • And even if you provide your remote employees with hardware, you can't control their home networks.

To strike the right balance between innovation and security, look to an experienced technology partner that understands the complexities of healthcare data management and security. The right partner will understand the full scope of regulations you face, from PCI compliance to HITRUST certification, which covers a wide range of regulatory frameworks beyond HIPAA. JBS can help you assess your security readiness, implement tools that streamline compliance, and upgrade your digital capabilities.

But data privacy is just one aspect of healthcare operations a trusted technology partner can help with…

To control costs and improve patient satisfaction, healthcare organizations need to adopt innovative solutions that streamline data management and allow for self-service. For older organizations, that requires a methodical approach to upgrading outdated systems and processes. Even newer companies need to embrace solutions that can scale as they grow:

  • User-friendly and secure portals to enable patient self-service
  • Digital transformation from paper to electronic files for better data portability
  • Electronic records management for real-time, instant access to patient charts and other data
  • Document management to centralize all records, including non-patient documents
  • Patient safety and risk management to identify and mitigate potential risk factors
  • Unique data analytics on healthcare data to improve care delivery
  • Infrastructure migration to the cloud to modernize and scale your IT capabilities

It’s a tall order for any organization. To build and maintain the right technology framework, you need expertise on the issues impacting healthcare organizations today and forward-thinking solutions that prepare you for the demands of tomorrow.