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Embrace Digital Education

From K–12 to colleges and universities, there’s never been a bigger push for school systems to embrace digital education. E-textbooks have been around for years, but now distance learning and virtual classrooms have become more than just nice-to-haves. Students and their parents expect to use personal computers, tablets, and/or smartphones to access school textbooks, attend virtual classes, do assignments, receive “report cards,” and much more. Educators and school administration need to create and curate courseware and lesson plans, administer tests, record attendance, and more while containing or even reducing costs—not to mention transitioning to a virtual infrastructure to gain the benefits of the cloud.

Indeed, the virtual classroom is no longer an option but is fast becoming a necessary “new normal” for education. That means school systems are seeking EdTech providers that can provide the tools, infrastructure, and software platforms—learning management systems (LMS)—to enable full-scale online digital learning. Yet EdTech's must deliver a full suite of capabilities without blowing the entire school system’s budget.

Is your EdTech platform fully featured and integrated enough to provide what today’s educators and students demand—or will they turn to someone else?