Your Partner for Automotive Excellence

Our goal is to build long-lasting partnerships and deliver transformative solutions to improve your dealership's bottom line. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and tailor our expertise to meet your needs. With JBS Dev as your partner, you can optimize your auto dealership's online presence, streamline workflows, enhance inventory management, build pricing models, and drive profitability. While we offer a variety of services, some common areas of need include:

Ecommerce Optimization: We help implement modern, scalable ecommerce systems to support improved business processes. Our solutions enhance both your physical and digital operations related to point-of-sale, order management, inventory, and payments. We start by evaluating your website performance, user experience, and backend systems. Then we design solutions to:

  • Optimize online car shopping with AI-driven personalization
  • Streamline checkout processes
  • Integrate systems for inventory syncs, cash management audits, and bank transactions
  • Leverage cloud-based microservices for scalability and speed
  • Connect seamlessly with your DMS, CRM, and other platforms

The result is a high-performing ecommerce ecosystem tailored to your dealership's needs. This drives increased conversion rates, higher revenue, and operational excellence. Our ecommerce optimizations transform the customer journey while streamlining workflows.

Inventory Management and Pricing Optimization: Our solutions utilize AI and predictive analytics to optimize inventory mixes and volumes. We also develop tracking systems to pinpoint vehicle locations and conditions in real-time. This reduces costs and turnover times. We understand profit margins are tight in the automotive industry. Our solutions leverage data and analytics to optimize your vehicle pricing strategies.

Dealership Performance: We consolidate data from all your systems into dynamic dashboards. Track KPIs like sales, revenue, inventory turns, customer acquisition/satisfaction, servicing, salesperson activity, and more to inform better decisions. Our data-driven solutions are tailored to leverage your unique data assets, so you get the specific insights needed to excel.

Streamlined Loan Origination: We integrate your systems to streamline process that include verifying collateral, dispersing funds, refinancing payoffs, and handling trade-ins. Artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the loan origination process are incorporated into the solution.

At JBS Dev, we believe in building strong, lasting partnerships with our clients. We take the time to understand your individual automotive dealership's challenges and goals. Our goal is to deliver transformative solutions to improve your bottom line.