Melodee Leavitt

Director of Delivery, JBS Solutions

Brendten Eickstaedt

Chief Technology Officer, Fama Technologies

About this webinar

Nowadays, event-driven architecture is very popular due to its high scalability and distributed asynchronous behavior. It is a great fit in a microservices architecture and provides a highly decoupled system. Having the ability to scale and pivot without having to make changes to software platforms is vital. Yet many businesses still struggle to adopt modern technologies that allow for the necessary flexibility.

In this virtual session, we’ll talk with Brendten Eickstaedt, CTO of Fama Technologies (Fama) and Melodee Leavitt, Program Manager/Agilist of JBS Custom Software Solutions to discuss how Fama moved from using servers that were expensive and inefficient, hindering their ability to grow to a modernized, event-driven architecture, tapping machine learning. Brendten will share how the new solution enhances Fama’s technology-enabled, AI-driven software solutions' robustness, scalability, and efficiency while decreasing infrastructure costs.

Join us for an insightful discussion as we look under the hood of Fama's transformation journey, lessons learned, and the common pitfalls to avoid when modernizing your infrastructure.

During this real-world case study discussion, you will gain valuable insight into:

  • Why it’s critical for companies to assess their current infrastructure
  • New ways to address scalability business problems that reduce operational costs
  • How to leverage event-driven architecture as part of a company’s digital transformation
  • How applications built around event-driven architecture (microservices) on AWS to enable more agile, scalable, and responsive digital business applications
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